Feature request - “Subordinate” flow numbers

Perhaps subordinate isn’t the correct term here, but I’d like to be able to number a flow similarly to subordinate bars - ie. 1; 1a; 1b; 2; 3; 3a; 4 etc

Very common in musical theatre books. I’m currently using the opus numbers to achieve the correct flow tokens in the layout, but it does feel like a workaround.

I’d love this, but I have no idea how Dorico could automatically renumber when flows are dragged around…

Could work like the usual Dorico way: Dorico stops to renumber automatically, when you make manual changes.

… or there will be a new cool subgroup feature in the future. Would be great for publications with 2 or more pieces with more than one movement …

The more I ponder this idea the more I like it. It would be useful in other ways too… I could think, for instance, a collection of Mass settings where the Kyrie is the flow and each subsequent movement is a sub-flow; then you could have Mass 1, Mass 2, Mass 3, etc. all set but still arranged properly using the flow feature.

Similarly, a book of Beethoven or Mozart piano sonatas where each sonata is one flow group. Interesting…

Come to think of it, just to be able to “group” flows would have the same effect; that way you could set parameters that apply to multiple flows just like the “project” info does currently, but with a more restrained scope, as called for by the project.

Flow grouping has been suggested before. I sure would welcome it. Who knows, tomorrow?.. :smiley:

Lo and behold… sure enough! Pjotr, it seems you and I are on the same wavelength.

Yes: “Et in terra pax” is a movement of the “Gloria” which is part of the Mass.
Scene 5 is a part of Act 1, which is a part of the Opera.

The sub-flows get a smaller heading; the big flows get a larger one: all without overriding.

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In the meanwhile, you could, provided that you are looking for an automatic appearance of the number based on Dorico tokens, use another info field and its corresponding token, like the opus number.