Feature Request/Suggestion: Single Pad Integrated Slicing for Loops (Additional option next to TimeWarp)

I have been testing and exploring Groove Agent much as you can see all my posts in the forum, I’m carrying one of my other threads over into this one.

The other thread was:
Suggestion/Input: I’m feeling there is a bit of a disconnect between Warp Loop and Patterns

Essentially, I’d like to see some protocols that bridge the gap between loading loops that the user intends to keep static (not re-perform via slicing as it is currently done) and utilizing the Pattern section/pads to trigger them with the features that the Pattern Section has - like half-speed, double speed, length, etc.

This would in many cases work better than using time warp for static loops and without the artifacts of warping.

It would also prevent so many pads being potentially unnecessarily occupied by slices when I just intend the Pattern section to play them in original order.

You can read other thread for deeper explanation.

Thank you