Feature Request: Support 150% scaling

I have an average 14" FHD laptop.

Windows 10 / Display settings / Scale and layout
150% (recommended) <— that is my favourite scaling

Windows/Intel sets it to 150% out of the box.

In WaveLab Pro 10, the only way to see the WaveLab transport bar is move the Windows taskbar to the left or right side of the screen, or use fullscreen. The remaining problem then is too big font on too small tab labels at some places.

The WaveLab layouts and fullscreen toggle do not help at 150%, as they need me to move the taskbar or stop using it, and they don’t fix the incompletely displayed labels.

I’ll use 125%, but 150% is on my wishlist for WaveLab Pro 11.

Kind regards

PS: I did try a small taskbar, doesn’t help. I did reboot Windows, doesn’t fix the font issues. I get WaveLab to display things in a meaningful way *sometimes.
Also, the fact that there are no check marks left to the layout names (which makes it hard to test them) tells me that these are probably actions that redock the panes, no modes. But as long as I don’t reposition things myself, I would prefer to see a check mark to see what has been the latest “docking action” or whatever you call the layouts technically.

TL;DR: 150% has too many issues for me personally. Just wanted to tell you this. I’m going to use 125%.

Are you using WaveLab on the road? A 14" laptop is pretty small.

No, but in bed for example. I like the laptop because there’s less computer stuff around me when I use it. Yesterday together with a Roland Go-Piano and the UR22C. Or I put the laptop on the kitchen table like now.

I think it’s true that 14" is not average for mastering, I guess I’m a “mixed use non-professional” customer or something like this. I even have planned to use WaveLab for things that other users use Cubase for. Well, I want to try the montage editing mainly.

Hope this describes best what I do with it.

PS: I’ve just remembered that I wrote ‘average 14" FHD’ to say that some people buy 4K notebooks and I was guessing that they must have more issues with scaling.