FEATURE REQUEST: support MIDI Program Changes and Banks

Much as I like my newly-installed Padshop Pro, I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t support MIDI Program Change commands. A good way to handle this is to support “MIDI Progam Banks”, where a bank is a structure of 128 presets (0-127).

A user loads a bank and then the host app transmits Program Change commands, which selects a preset to be loaded. This doesn’t mean all patches MUST be organized into banks, it’s an option (cf. how Kontakt handles this feature.)

Very disappointing not to have this simple and obvious feature available; AFAIK it has been part of the “official” MIDI specification since 1.0. It’s useful for all type of plugins. Steinberg, pls. reconsider this.

thanks - John D

Nice input, and great ideas.

Unfortunately, I really don’t think those ‘feature request’ threads worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I already started one too a while ago. But Steinberg never seems to reply nor care, and Padshop haven’t been updated in ages. So… Worth trying, who knows but I don’t have any hope… :cry:

Hi there,

I can assure you that every feature request posted in the forum is noticed with great interest and will be considered in future updates.

:astonished: :smiley:


Its really frustrating that i cannot find a way to split the keyboard in padshop!!

This is a MUST DO update! :wink:

It is DREADFUL that it doesn’t support changing presets via midi. IMHO that makes it just impossible to use in a live situation… Very disappointed after upgrading to pro…