Feature request: support pasting (&maybe copying) audio from general pasteboard/audiocopy

Some apps, for example AudioShare or loopy pro support copying audio to the general pasteboard or via audiocopy.
It would be helpful if cubasis supported pasting that as audioclip.
And maybe even copying as well.
This could make roundtrips to other tools more fluent.

Hi @Flavelius

Did you try using “AudioShare” with Cubasis?


Hi, yes I just tried again. If I copy from AudioShare to the general pasteboard or use the audiocopy one, nothing in cubasis seems to pick that up (paste button still greyed out). Same if I copy from loopy pro.
And copying a clip in cubasis also doesn’t allow pasting it outside cubasis as well (which makes me assume it doesn’t copy it via one of those two mechanisms)

Hi @Flavelius ,
If you have your audio clip in AudioShare, why not save it?
Then you can drag and drop it into Cubasis by opening the Files app as a slideover window and then open Cubasis as your main window.
You could also use AUM to record, prep, and save all your audio bits in one process. One nice thing about using AUM with audio is that your stems are saved as Lossless .WAV files. You’d then have the option to Trim and Normalize your audio files in AudioShare before dragging and dropping them into Cubasis.

There’s probably many other ways and different tools to do what you want to do, but here’s one suggestion that should get the job done for you.

In an ideal world I would not even have AudioShare. I only have it because some old apps needed it for ex/import. Loopy pro or SamplR are better examples.
My main issue is that cubasis‘ audio editor is (probably by design) limited, so I have to use external tools when it comes to destructively chopping, processing/cleaning and rearranging recordings. Roundtripping via temporary files then is unnecessary and cumbersome. On my desktop I’m used to copy-pasting all kinds of data and It‘s a very immediate and normal workflow (just like copying text from app to app, no one would want to be forced to save it to a temporary file first).
I‘m still not used to some actions having a more detouring/less direct workflow on iPad.
But I think if more apps, like cubasis, adapted the general pasteboard it can only get better.

Hi @Flavelius

Actually, copy & paste works via drag & drop from and to other apps with Cubasis.
Did you try this yourself?



Yes, drag&drop works just fine indeed. It‘s just that some apps don’t support side by side view (or the other multitasking views) to be able to do this.

Hi @Flavelius

Hm, we already offer various options and you could choose many other ways to do it too. Suggest to get in touch with those app vendors not supporting it.


I don’t intend to be rude by providing further details, I just think it’s useful to have the pro’s and con’s I see all listed out;

Why this feature request might not be necessary:
-Importing & exporting files is possible
-Drag & drop is mentioned to be available

Why this feature request still makes sense:
-Import&export is slower than other methods & creates unnecessary temporary files at times
-drag & drop is not fully available, only dropping, dragging out audio clips to other apps doesn’t seem to work (or I’m doing something wrong)
-cubasis doesn’t support any multitasking views itself, making the only possible view for file dropping the side-over one that squeezes some overlaid apps to harder to use sizes (Drambo in my case, the files app seems fine), plus, the requirement to support these multitasking views is put on the other app
-copying from the builtin sample editor could also allow transfers of sub-sections of a recording in a faster way than trimming, media-baying and ex/importing; it could also make it easy to insert a sub-section as a new clip (this might be achievable without the requested feature in other ways as well though)

If these are still not convincing arguments for this feature request, then I’ll accept needing to find other workflows for making music.

The ONLY app you need to drag and drop files, no matter where they’re saved, is the Apple Files app.
The Apple Files app can do either side-by-side view or slide over view.
I recommend Slide Over view.

  1. Start Apple Files app and go to the center top and pick Slide Over. It will ask you to open the app you want it to slide over.
  2. Start Cubasis and open a project or create a new one.
  3. Drag and Drop your files into the empty track space. One file per track at a time.

That’s all there is to it.

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You might be misunderstanding the feature request (and might have skipped my last post), atleast that’s how I’m interpreting your response; it’s meant to be about copy&paste functionality that replaces (temporary) files for roundtrips to and from other apps.
But to address your focus on drag&drop, as mentioned, it works in one direction, but as far as I was able to test it, dragging out clips doesn’t even seem to be possible.
You also state that the files app can slide over cubasis, yes, I acknowledged that (and mentioned the shortcomings). But stating that this is the only app you need might apply to you (atleast certainly not to me as far as I’m addressed with this), and it doesn’t address the aforementioned roundtrip issues.
But in case I misunderstood your message, please correct me.

Save your data to permanent files and you have a solution.
Have you made a feature request to turn that app into an AUv3 plugin?
That’s the standard for DAW tools, for any iOS DAW.

If I understand correctly, then you‘re saying that just rephrasing temporary to permanent is the solution?
The issue is no matter how these files are called they are temporary artifacts for the workflow this feature request addresses.
You wouldn’t want to save a temporary text file each time you just want to copy text from your browser to another app, for example, which is a similar workflow that even most mobile device users have come to expect.
As for requesting all other app developers instead, yes that’s indeed a way I’m going as well, I do ask other devs for workflow improvements where I see something that inhibits fluent interop, just as i do here.

In this case I think it’s very reasonable to request copy&paste from a larger developer first before asking several smaller developers to rewrite their app , when some already support copy&paste (but I do that as well, where it’s not completely unreasonable)

You understand correctly.

Confucius say, “A workflow that doesn’t work — gets no work done.”

Okay, it seems to me as though we agree on the last point (or with Confucius in that case…)
To me a good workflow is one that includes little to no unnecessary detouring. Maybe we agree there as well.

Hi @Flavelius

By the way, drag & drop also works without “side by side”: Simply start dragging a file in an app, then go back to the home screen with your second hand, open Cubasis (the first hand is still holding the file), and drop it into the track list.


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