[Feature Request] Swap mouse-wheel orientation

Please, would it be possible to implement an option to swap the orientation of the mouse-wheel for moving the audio? (horizontal scrolling). As I often jump from Cubase to WaveLab and back, it would help (me) a lot and would save me from this constant struggle “up or down” (in Cubase the mouse-wheel orientation for horizontal scrolling - with SHIFT - is reversed)

Yes, why not. WaveLab currently obeys a general consensus which is “move the wheel down to scroll forwards”, as it happens in word processors and lists. Actually, Cubase should have the inverse option :wink:

Thank you!
Frankly I believed it was much easier to ask you (direct WL creator) instead of posting on Cubase forum where hardly any developer would dare to comment / implement it :wink: Nevertheless if you can please inform the Cubase team that maybe they should consider this feature…

Exactly! (+1 for a WL solution anyway…)

Luck, Arjan