Feature Request: Tap Tempo from MIDI controller (keyboard)

Hey all,

I’ve got a simple feature request …

The Tap Tempo feature in Cubase 12 is based on the space bar. It would be great if you could use a MIDI controller (a connected keyboard) to tap the tempo. A dialog in Preferences could define whether it’s a single MIDI channel, or All.

I find it a lot easier to tap an accurate tempo from a keyboard versus the space bar. Something about the space bar always trips me up.

Ideally tap tempo would detect note-on events from all keys (not a single key). Then it would be very much like playing drums from keys, etc.

Thanks for listening.


I 100% agree! In fact it was weird to find out that this option is just not there, but I guess there are probably some reasons for this.
If by any chance you’re using midi remotes, this can be accomplished via scripting, and I’ve done it in all my scripts so far. I can provide a snippet if interested in this possibility.


You can record short MIDI Part and then let Cubase to detect tempo out of it.

Btw, I believe this Feature Request exists already. Search for our and support it, please.