Feature request: Text property for fermatas

Hi, I would like to propose to add a text property to fermatas. Then one could easily add the quite common “long (or lunga)” or “short”, or even the approx. duration above (or maybe below) them. Thanks!


Definitely! Seconded.


This is an excellent idea.

I would use it a lot. I input “lunga” with the text tool because I don’t like the graphic symbols for long and short fermatas, but I think it will be better to input this text through the properties panel.
+1 definitely


Definitely a +1 from me. Here’s a case in point, from a responsorial psalm I’m writing:

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Honestly I would rather write this as Shift-X anyways. More typographical control.

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It’d be nice to have the option, though. And bracketed fermatas would be helpful too.

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