Feature request that could save my job - show time in milliseconds

Hello PG,

Half of the time when I make a feature request, you inform that it’s already there - I just couldn’t find it, or didn’t know what it’s called.

I use Wavelab and Cubase to produce a worldwide syndicated 30 minute-long radio broadcast. Every show needs a 5 second gap at some point in the middle of the show for radio stations to insert their own custom liners and call letters. The distribution system needs to know when the 5 second gap occurs in our show. That value is defined in milliseconds, and is part of the file name.

Right now, I use an Excel spreadsheet to convert time code to milliseconds, then I name the file accordingly.

Before I upload the show to the distribution company, I open the show again in Wavelab and quickly scan through every part of it to make sure there are no mistakes. I produce eight 30-minute shows per day, so I need to be very efficient.

One thing I can’t easily do is verify the timing of the 5 second gap I created. If Wavelab (and Cubase) could display the time in milliseconds, that would be a huge time saver for me, and give me more confidence that I proved the correct time stamp in the file name.


Where are you trying to see the time in milliseconds? Whether it’s a standalone audio file, audio montage, or data export from WaveLab, milliseconds are an option.

See attached and look for the red arrows:

I need to see the total milliseconds. The last five digits happen to equal milliseconds, but it’s the minutes that I need to convert.

For example, 00:20:19:114 [hours:minutes:seconds:milliseconds] = 1219114 [milliseconds].

I would like there to be an option for Wavelab and Cubase to display total milliseconds - 1217114.

I don’t know if other DAWs do this, but I’m married to Steinberg.


Ah, I didn’t realize you wanted the entire time to be milliseconds, that clarifies it now. Maybe PG knows something.

I looked at Reaper and Vegas (basically the same program), and they both have the option for total milliseconds. Is shows and seconds.milliseconds.
Example, 00:20:19.114 would show as 1219.114

If Wavelab and Cubase had that option, my life would be better :slight_smile:


It seems like a reasonable feature request. Maybe PG will consider it.

This is already possible if you use the timecode option with these settings:

You’re my hero! This will save my butt in the future.

Now, If there is a way to do this in Cubase, I’ll be on cloud nine :slight_smile: