Feature Request: The Mixer leaves something left to be desired - 4 channels x 4 pages is clunky

The whole 4 channels x 4 pages is sort of a clunky workflow,

it wouldn’t be so bad if the little pages icons | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | had little activity VU meters to quickly show you where the current pad you’ve hit is going in the mixer.

But then again, why is the mixer even set up like this to begin with?

If the mixer channels have to be stuck in this format for time being, I’d rather have them all on one page stacked vertical with a scrollbar :

And then there should be a 1-16 channel overview somewhere in the mixer header with tiny VUs

Even with the plugin at it’s most minimal size, there is room for another 4 channels underneath the first 1-4.

other things I’ve mentioned before

There is no ‘exclusive solo’
This isn’t just important for sound-design workflow, but it can sometimes be a musical creative thing

Why cant Kit channels be sent to auxes?

Renaming of Outputs in options stored per total VSTi preset (not global).

Successive output assignment to selected layers

successive output assignment to selected pads

successive output assignment to selected channels (thus, the need to be able to select the mixer channels)

right click on a channel → Select Pads/Pads of Layers routed to this Channel