Feature Request: There needs to be way to edit multiple layers across multiple pads together - "Current File/Layer List"

I think there needs to be a “Current Kit File and Layer List Editor”

Essentially, a window that pops up that resemble the browser (or maybe this could be a tab in the browser, actually I think this is good idea) that displays the selected Kits currently used Instruments/Files per layer per pad. It would be a fold-able file tree list as so:

+Pad G#1 (3 files/layers)
+Pad A1 (3 files/layers)
+Pad A#1 (3 files/layers)
-Pad B1
–Layer 1: SnareTopMic.wav
–Layer 2: SnareBotMic.wav
–Layer 3: SnareOverheadMic.wav
+Pad C2 (3 files/layers)
+Pad C#2 (3 files/layers)
-Pad D2
–Layer 1: SnareTopMic-01.wav
–Layer 2: SnareBotMic-01.wav
–Layer 3: SnareOverheadMic-01.wav

Selecting these pads OR layers will be reflected in the edit window.

Now the major aswesome plus side to this would be, I could select particular layers across multiple pads and edit them together. For instance I could select both Layer 3’s and apply the same absolute or relative editing changes.

As it stands, creating own instruments if they consist of multiple layers, different settings per layers, different outputs per layers, etc, etc… It’s pretty tedious to create anything slightly comprehensive.

Even just assigning outputs the same per layer across multiple pads.