"feature request" threads

Does anyone know exactly what the policy is regarding Cubase “feature request” threads? I’m asking because a thread I participated in was bumped to the Music Lounge without any apparent cause.
A perfectly relevant discussion about cubase yet still moved to the lounge.

Yet other threads are left alone.
This one was started on Jan 11. It’s a prime candidate for the Lounge yet it’s still here.

Or this, started in Jan 12, still on this forum.

I always thought that as long as the discussion was about Cubase it was acceptable to have feature requests on this forum.
Is there an official policy on this or do some moderators just pick on certain posts that they take personal issue with?
Was it the mention of a competitors product? I’ve seen that on this forum too though…
Or are legacy Cubase products a sore topic? Or just certain feature requests…?

I’m happy to play by the rules. Just want to know what they are.

FR’s belong in the Lounge.