Feature Request: Tie Size

Hi all–
It would be very helpful if a tie could be scaled independently of the notes to which it is attached. You can see in the attached screen shot that sometimes a tie has to cut through a dense texture (especially in piano and organ music). If I scale just the tie in engrave mode the noteheads also scale. I would simply like a 75% tie to make it easier to read but still have proper notation.

And yes, I know I can fake it with slurs which I have gone back and done. I just love the default tie behavior; it’s perfect, so I hate to have to do all of it manually.

That would be tricky for us to achieve, though not impossible of course (nothing in software is truly impossible with sufficient time and effort put behind it, though many things are impractical). It’s probably more likely that we will add and expose the similar kinds of thickness properties that we provide for slurs so that you can make an adjustment to an individual tie.

That would be perfect for this use case. By setting a slur to “cue” sized I essentially accomplished the same thing. I just thinned it out a bit.