[Feature Request] "Time", or Post-/pre-page markers

Dear Dorico Team,

I thought I’d put in a small request that the Dorico team might be interested in implementing in their part score layouts, which is the use of pre- and post-pape turn information. Orchestral players often write in the next multirest at the end of recto pages, or the previous multirest at the top of verso pages. Here’s an example from the string parts from Peter Grimes that we have at the ENO. Alternatively, some just write the word TIME:


I wonder if this could be implented automatically by Dorico, in a sort of bracketed indicator for multirests, or the option to say TIME if multiple sets of multirests occur? Here’s a manual example I typed using text in my own scores.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 173054

This is just an idea of course, but I think it would be a huge help to players, as well as composers/librarians. Would love to hear your thoughts on this! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


I write the preceding or following number of rests around page turns in my orchestral/ensemble parts all the time, sometimes even with a small cue to the first note following the page turn, if it’s tricky. This would be a great feature. Maybe as a property of a manual frame break?

Yes, this is an idea that has been requested before, and it’s certainly something we plan to implement in future.


A small remark, if I’m allowed :wink:
I always try to convince my desk partners not to write TIME at the end of every recto page (because this implies that one is normally short of time…) instead only put a V.S. (volti subito) if one has to be quick.
That way it feels more relaxing :sunglasses:

My cheeky oboe teacher used to write NH (for “no hurry”) as the antonym for v.s.

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