Feature request - TIny but important for composers

Respect. Please listen Steinberg. This is a BIG hassle!

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Or maybe the bar wouldn’t extend across? there would just be a narrow nullified lane… Or the folder event thingies I guess could still exist but they would just be thin bars. I do grab onto folder events now and then so that utility could still exist.

Eityher way Steinberg a folder is a complete waste of track space across the track. It does NOTHING in the track zone, and needlessly uses up a lot of track real estate!

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1000% with you, if you look at this thread

Set Track Height Limits per Track Type in preferences, as well as, individual track height lock - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

The first thread link there dates back to 2013 which would have been Cubase 7.5

Well, to be fair, it CAN show a condensed overview of the data included in the folder. But if you don’t use that, I see how the folder track can become a hassle.

Steinberg. STEINBERG, are you going to listen? From 11 years ago!

True - but this is just inactive eye candy really