Feature Request: Toggle Event Display (Name) for Audio > File and/or Description

In Cubase 10-11 (previous versions I could not check) the Audo Event is displaying the file name initially and the description is taken from the filename, as far as I see it.
Whenever the file name and description text are not matching you find the “Description” text on the left of the Event label and the (different) file name in brackets () on the right.
Only if file and description match the Event label shows only one text string without brackets.
I’d like to have the optiont that file names are not reflected in the Event label but only descriptions.
That would makes things more easier in logically naming Audo Events. This is not only helpful with lanes but also with cuts in an Event. Now I will have longer names when I want to name descriptions for each segment:

AUDIO is the file name and initially AUDIO is the Description
Now I cut the Audio Event in 4 parts and want to give each of the Events with new names “Intro”, “Bridge”, “Refrain”, “Outro”. Names of each event will be: Intro (Audio), Bridge (Audio), Refrain (Audio), Outro (Audio). And whenever file names get really long this is annoying and starts to cover too much space of an event. I’d like to have the choice that only Description is displayed in the Event label.

Hope that’s clearly explained.

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