Feature request - touch monitor friendly, customisable, controller window

Hi guys. I’ve been doing a lot of Atmos and other spacial audio mixing lately. I’m looking onto speeding up my workflow, especially for object panning / positioning in 3D. I’ve looked at Sound particles space controller, but the idea of waving a cell phone around seems a bit silly to me. Currently I’m looking into putting together a touch monitor solution using Touch OSC (which is more challenging than I thought it would be!)

So here’s my request to Steinberg for future versions - a customisable, touch monitor friendly controller pane/window that can function either on the same system via a separate window, or from a mobile device like an iPad (for which you’d need a separate app of course). With touch monitors getting better & more affordable (I’m looking at the Dell P2418HT 24") it actually makes more sense to me than an iPad. I think this is something that Steinberg can implement so we don’t have to mess around with 3rd party software