Feature Request: Track Editing Mode (All events/data appear in Editor Window without need of event selection in project)

This would allow one to leave their MIDI editor Window open, and just select tracks instead of events.

Thus it would ignore event selections, and only focus track selection.

With a key command, a user could switch this mode on and off, allowing them to flip between selected events on another track and the track MIDI on the track they have selected.

Ofcoarse the already existing preference “track selection follows event selection” would be a nice combo with this new editing mode.

Selecting Multiple Tracks would work just like selecting multiple events across multiple tracks, protocol stays the same.

In Track Edit mode, entering MIDI data in an area where there is no data could have two preference options
-Extend nearest MIDI event
-Create New MIDI event.
These would be done automatically depending on the users selected preference.


Another preference to add this mode perhaps and help integrate, is ‘locate to event selection in editor’