[FEATURE REQUEST] Track Folding additions

  1. Track Folding -> Toggle Selected Track

Please turn this into a “Toggle Selected Tracks” (notice the plural). If you have several folders selected, currently only the first folder toggles. It should toggle all selected.

  1. In addition to the previous request, it would make sense to add key modifiers…

For example: holding [SHIFT]+[option/alt] and clicking a folder track folder icon should toggle folding/unfolding of all selected folders. Not ALL folders - only the selected folders. (This is consistent with, for example, selecting multiple input/output ports on selected tracks only by holding shift+option/alt)

Currently the only options (afaik) within Cubase apply to folding/unfolding ALL the folders in a session (by holding CMD and clicking a folder icon, or selecting Fold/Unfold Tracks from Project menu). But in sessions with lots of folders sometimes you only want to toggle certain ones, not the whole session.

I also realized you could script a Project Logical Editor function to do this, but it would still help to be a core function already embedded as a Cubase feature.

What he said!