feature request: track (pre)delay in ppq and single sample

I’m still on 6.5.x (waiting for 7.5.x) and I was hoping for this in a future upgrade:

The track (pre)delay is a useful feature, but right now you can only shift tracks by .1 ms

While this is much smaller than I’ll ever be likely to hear, for calculation purposes I’d like to have the option of shifting tracks by PPQ and -even better- single samples. The latter would be especially handy when you need to align -say- bassdrum tracks or so, while the former actually existed in the old Cubase for Atari, but no more; to my knowledge.

Again, sub-ms precision is probably accurate enough, but I think sample-accurate (pre)delay would definitely give Cubase/Nuendo another edge.

These alternative time-bases are already a part of the transport and location bar, so why not have them available in the track (pre) delay as well?


The minimum track delay I can set on an audio track (C6.54) is 0.01 ms, not 0.1ms as you state.
So this is 1 / 100,000 of a second, which is smaller amount than the duration of a single sample at 44,100Hz

But I do agree, setting the value in samples rather than ms would be more useful and quicker to set.