Feature Request: „Transform“ like in Logic Pro

With the Transfrom-window in Logic Pro it’s very easy to make manipulations like inversions, retrogrades and many other things. It would be great to have this possibilities also in Dorico.

We certainly plan to add some features for transforming music in future, though I can’t say when.

In 2018, I had asked if Dorico provides a tool like “Canonic Utilities” in Finale on Facebook before I purchased Dorico 2.
A staff at Steinberg said such a utility will be implemented after implementing basic features required in engraving traditional classical music similarly to Daniel’s answer.

Many Dorico users seemed not to need such features. Someone said composers and arrangers must be able to do it without such tools.
I am very good and quick in calculating intervals and figuring inverting, retrograding, inverted-retrograding and transposing. However, some compositional procedures could be just executing some calculating ideas of musical figures (pitches and rhythms). For these procedures, such tools similar to “Canonic Utilities” in Finale and “MIDI Transform” in Logic Pro are helpful, but sometimes not due to too many accidentals.

Anyway, we can do this interapplicationally: Doing it in Logic Pro and Finale and then exporting to musicxml or MIDI. Logic Pro also exports score to musicxml when the score editor is activated and “Score” in “Show advanced tools” on Preferences is checked.

Indeed, other programs like Max, OpenMusic and SuperCollider would be useful to calculate a big amount of calculations and to approach algorithmic works.

Anyway, I am waiting for such tools in Dorico as well.