I always wished Wavelab had a similar function to Pro Tools “Tab to Transient”. It allows nearly perfect cuts with Transients by hitting the Tab key. You guys know what I am talking about? How can we get this in WL 12??? For instance. If a Techno producer sends me his track that starts with a bunch of heavy delays and reverbs in the kick the very first few seconds of the song usually take a second to sit right with the reverbs and delays. I sometimes have to go into Pro Tools and replace measure 1-4 with meadure 5-9 (exact same thing). This is easily done in Pro Tools using Tab to Transient and copy paste. Cant do this in my Audio Editor Wavelab… Thoughts?

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I agree something like that would be nice. Somehow there is already support for this because transient detection is already used in the auto-split clip tool.

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I am looking at that now, doesn’t really do that. Need a way to move the cursor to the transient easy

I know. I just meant WaveLab already “knows” how to do this.


Hello! I’ve casted a vote for this, since I really liked that feature when transitioning over from ProTools. Is there any chance we can see a dedicated function to this in the next update?

Yes, I confirm 100% this will happen.


:+1: This will be a nice addition.