Feature Request: Turn off Double Flats/Sharps when spelling a note

Hi All!

I’ve been writing a piece recently that has no key. Whenever I transpose or write something, sometimes I get a vein of double flats or sometimes triple flats, in addition to double sharps and triple sharps.

It would be awfully nice, given an option, tick box, or something, to avoid if not disband the use of double-triple accidentals. This causes a lot of heartache in the editing process when I have to use the “find note by pitch” and have to click through every single note as a double flat, sharp, etc, when I know if it didn’t use them in the first place it would cut a solid hour out of my effort.

Does anyone know a work around for this?

Are you using the Transpose dialog (Write>Transpose)? From 3.1 onwards I believe, the option “Respell to avoid double and triple accidentals” is available in that dialog for this express purpose.

Thank you for your suggestion, Lilli,

Unfortunately it is extremely time consuming to use the dialogue every time I need to use it. It’s so much easier to use Shift+Alt+Up/Down to do things on the fly.

Rather than using it every time you need to shift something, put up with the double flats/sharps until you’ve finished your compositional process. Then Select All, open the Transpose dialog, do not set an interval but tick the option to avoid double/triple accidentals, then hit OK.

I didn’t know that worked! Thanks for the tip!

I tried to do this, and it did not work. I don’t know what my problem is.

Please cut down your project to a small chunk that exhibits the problem, then upload that (the cutdown project, not a picture) to the forum.