Feature request - turn off speakign mic during recording

Once I get the HD files I will have High Quality recordings of exactly what I want. I know that

BUT, currently the files that are sent during recording are almost useless, since my performers speaking
mic that we use for communication is also picking up the sound of the strings from the electric guitar.
This creates a blended sound of his processed electric guitar sound (distortion) and the sound of the strings, which is not really usable.

I realize as I am writing this that I probably could pan his mic to Left and the guitar to the right and then only record the
Right channel, however this would cause a not so good listening situation where I only hear his guitar in one speaker/headphone, isn’t that true?

so to be able to turn off his speaking mic during recording would a nice feature

You can record single tracks with the PRO version. There, you can select for each channel if it and how should be recorded. You may also left/right pan and then split with the SE version, then discard one side, but auto-switching will not be supported because you can selectively record with the PRO version.

well, I can see how you would like to leave that for the PRO version. But I have the pro version, and since I currently dont have the HD files, it would be a nice feature to have because like I said currently the track I get when I record is almost useless. If I had that feature I would get a file I can use during the session, and then I can CHOOSE whether I want to get the HD files or not, maybe I am just doing a quick demo and I am fine with just getting the mp3 files during the session. Now however, I have to get the HD files, since the other ones are useless, as I described. So my suggestion is, add this feature to the PRO version :slight_smile: But with that said, I feel you are doing a great job, so this is just whenever you have the time, it is not the most important thing, but it would be nice :slight_smile:

Regarding the aspect of selecting what channels to record, that reminde me of a small thing, which is perhaps a bug. Whenever I start a new session of using vst connect,and I connect to the same performer as I have been at a previous time, then vst connects remebers my channel settings in vst connect, and that is great. This means that volume is the same as we left it last time, and the same channels are selected to record. However, everytime during startup the master channels is selected to be recorded for HD files, even though I unselect that each time. just a minor detail, but I thought you might want to know. (with the risk of bombarding you with too many details about my vst connect experinece… hahah)

The master channel is always recorded, that‘s the compressed audio beeing recorded directly. I think it‘s actually a bug if you can switch it off :slight_smile:
…which doesn‘t have any impact, but I‘ll double check.
As for your other request, your choice of which channels to record also determines which channels are included in the compressed stereo stream, so you can exclude the „chat mic“ and eventually discard the recorded files on the Performer side. I seem to recall there used to be a „Record HD“ button which led to complaints…

As far as I have understood it the master channel is not always recorded as HD files, so it would matter whether its checked or not. I have never tried it to leave it on but I just assumed that if its checked you would get a HD file of the master as well, not only the individual tracks.

regarding this: “your choice of which channels to record also determines which channels are included in the compressed stereo stream”, so are you saying that its not really the speaking mic that has been leaking into the compressed stereo stream, because that has never been selected to record HD files during recording, I have however checked two channels for HD record, and both of these had the same chosen input, the channel with the guitar, and then I put amplitube on one, and left the other unprocessed, are you saying that it is the unprocessed guitar from that channel which is blending into my recorded compressed stereostream? I did lower the input gain on that channel to zero, because that caused it to not be hearable during tracking, but you are saying that it still gets recorded for the stereostream? I thought the input gain and panning controlled the compressed stereo stream?

When you disable master channel record enable it does so visually, but internally that state is always on, it’s just a visual bug that is fixed with the next version - which we are currently preparing, along with other significant improvements.
“I did lower the input gain on that channel to zero, because that caused it to not be hearable during tracking, but you are saying that it still gets recorded for the stereostream?”
No. The “gain” dials control the cue (main) mix inside the Performer, which is what is beeing sent back to Studio (compressed or lossless stereo stream) and that also gets recorded in HD on the Performer side, regardless of its record enable settings. So if you lower it to zero, nothing of that channel should be audible or recorded into the main stereo signal and recording. The channels’ record enable buttons make that channel beeing “HD recorded” directly from the input, or with inserts (fx button), independantly of the record cue dials (“gain”). Those are just for the stereo main mix stream and recording.

ok, so in other words I was right before, the “leak” I am talking about that I am stuck with in the compressed the stream is from the speaking mic the performer uses, so once again, it would be a really nice feature to be able to disable an input for the stereostream during recording, that way I would only get the processed guitar in my compressed stream, and thus that feature would enable me to get a file that I can use, as long as I am happy with a compressed file.

This would be nice feature in the PRO version. Like I said, I dont want to pan the guitars, even though that would give me what I am asking for, by just recording the left channel, but I dont want to compromise my experinece while we are tracking by only hearing my performers instrument in one headphone, I also know that I can manually turn the gain down each time we are recroding, and then turn it up again after, but both of these workarounds would be a distraction, leave those options for the SE version :slight_smile:

Now, I know you guys are busy with tons of other things, for example getting the new version out, and helping me with how to get the HD files, but I just want to get the point through…