Feature Request - type in values into master section fader

I’d like to be able to type exact values into the master section faders. I use the shift button for more exact adjustments, but sometimes if I want to be at exactly -1db for example, it takes a while to get it… Frustrating… You might say -0.9 or -1.1 is fine, but I’m a perfectionist… no, I want exactly -1db… and I would like it easier! :slight_smile:


There is no option for this. If really needed, use a plugin such as “Stereo Tools”.

What if holding shift allowed for even finer adjustments than it currently allows?

adjustments holding shift are already small IMHO,… unless many voices say otherwise.

I don’t think adjustments are small enough because I still struggle to reach exactly 0db, or exactly -1db. Perfection like this should not be difficult in a mastering program. That’s one of the things Mastering is all about - perfection. Please consider either allowing us to type a value, or making the SHIFT+adjust do smaller adjustments…

To set 0 dB, Control + click does the job.


With the scroll wheel on OS X I can set exactly what I want
like -1 dB or 0.99, 0.98 etc
just hover over the Master Section’s fader and scroll away :smiley:

OSX 10.11.6

regards S-EH

What if I’m trying to reach -1db?

Maybe I’ll get a scroll wheel control and see if it helps any better…

I discovered the problem…

When the layout is done in a way that makes the master faders very short/small, it’s almost impossible to get exact values. That’s how I had it. If I redo my layout to enlarge the master faders, I can easily reach 0db when adjusting.