Feature Request : Universal Scrolling EVEN when mouse over EDIT in PLACE

Maintaining the clickable button “hidden” in the scroll-wheel of my mouse triggers “universal scrolling”: I can swipe the content of the Cubase’s main arrangement window in any direction, with great satisfaction. Same thing inside a MIDI editor, whether it’s in a separate window or the lower zone: perfect.

However, when attempting to start the same “universal scrolling” over a MIDI track EDITED IN PLACE, the same action gets a different result: a new and unwanted midi note creation.

The whole point of “universal scrolling” is, of course, to be able to start it by clicking anywhere, being only concerned with where one is visually going.

So this “NO-universal-scrolling-click-starting-ZONE” is frustrating because years of otherwise perfectly fine “universal scrolling” have trained my brain to expect this result and I keep asking myself “what’s wrong?” for a few seconds each time before remembering “ah… that’s right… it doesn’t work over this type of track”. This happens so many times a day it fragments the fluidity of the workflow.

Thanks and good luck to everyone!