Feature Request: Universal Undo (for every single command)

Dear Steinberg:
Universal Undo. We need this, and we have been asking for it since forever.

I’ve been using Cubase for a long time and this feature has always been missing. I think even I posted a thread about it in the old forum.
The problem is simple. The user is working creatively and loves C6, for some reason a click falls onto some C6 parameter that doesn’t allow undo and it messes everything up. What does the user have to do? Close the project to the last saved project. You are left with a very angry user that has just lost the best musical hook of all time.

This is not an acceptable worflow and weird workarounds are not acceptable for a professional DAWs. Loosing the last 10 minutes of work (Auto Save Interval) is not acceptable and will disappoint the user.

If you don’t plan on doing this at least let us know.

Help keep this thread alive. Post your comments, thoughts, graphics on how you can add functionality to this “Universal Undo”. I’ll upload mine later.

I have actually wondered about this. There are ALOT of things that you can change in a CB project that AREN’T affected by undo…

Makes the workflow a bit slow when you have to track down what you just bumped on accident…

The worst one is when you have a channel with a certain volumen and of course you don’t remember the volumen setting you have (like -4.07 db… but you don’t remember this ) and it took agest to get the volumen just right… and SUDDENLY!.. gone! By having erroneously clicked on something, you just lost at least 10 minutes of work.
This should NOT happen EVER!!!

I propose that if some people like not having “Universal Undo” you can have a menu in which you choose which types of parameters can be “undone”, like “MIDI CC”, “Mixer settings”, Automation, etc.

Aloha guys

This feature would be wonderful and would IMHO put
Cubase even farther ahead of the pack than it already is.

Are there not programmes currently availible
that log all mouse movements and
key strokes/ input device info etc.

Something like that riding on top of C6 might do the trick quite nicely.

Any change of any kind in Cubase would be seen,remembered, historied,
recalled and changed if/when needed.


Yes there are keyloggers and mouse-loggers but say you just opened C6, then a project file and just clicked on something by mistake. Those loggers would not help you recover settings that it hasn’t logged.
Also, it makes for a very big work-around. I think workarounds should never be called part of a workflow.

Buttons aren’t toys and C6 has far to many of them not to have a “Universal Undo”. I bet many have had this instance in which you know you clicked something, the change sounds horrible… yet you don’t even know what you clicked.

I’ve added an attachment with some stuff I added to the “History” menu using Photoshop. It’s a rought edit so you know what is really different. But this is more complicated, the only thing we really need is to have “Universal Undo”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep the thread alive!!!
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I clicked :astonished:
Anyway, +1. Should be careful how to implement this in regard to automation though.

Oh, yes. I know how annoying it is to click on the wrong button by mistake.
But, for your own sake, don’t get bogged down in a feature-change mind-mode or it will just get you even further down.
Happens in all kinds of software and the programmers can’t think of everything that the user might do with the program because they think it ought to work their way.
Because it’s been that way since the year dot, and I’m surprised the undo is already that comprehensive, I don’t think that much about this will get changed very soon. Better and quicker to reprogram the user (ie: ourselves) to not punch that button again, sometimes.
I think undo is not everywhere because it’s a blindingly large task and some areas of the program are too close to the OS “bone” to mess about with. But it’s worth a mention just in case they can work things out.

And I do everything right first time so I don’t have to use “undo”. :mrgreen: (ooh, he’s such a liar that conman)

I’m a programmer and I think you are right Conman.
I don’t get bogged down, I’m sure when you know the feature is not there you work around it. The problem is that there are instances in which you cannot simply go around it and you just lost something important.

Also, beginners expect certain features to be present in almost every product they encounter. I remember when the iphone came out users wanted to have “copy/paste” and it was not to happen until about 2 years later. They expected and needed it and any amount of excuses about processing wasn’t going to help. My point being that every time I’ve had this “undo” problem happen in front of people who don’t know Cubase we get asked “why?” and it ends up looking more like a problem in their eyes, something they should avoid in a product.

Lets say we don’t get this feature, at least I’d like a good explanation about it since this topic frequently pops up but I’ve never seen it in a F.A.Q.s

+1 please. Undo for everything.


Which makes me wonder, do any of the major DAWs have this feature?

As Conman posted,

some areas of the program are too close to the OS “bone” to mess about with.

Like having a loaded gun with the safety off.
Convenient yes but it could be more dangerous than useful.