[Feature Request] USB hot swap

Isn’t that the whole idea with USB? Well, it a little more to it than that but a big “selling point” is that you don’t need to restart your computer like in the 80ies. Most other programs I know of are capable of hot swapping USB devices without you having to restart the program. I have a USB MIDI keyboard that every now and then decide to not wake up like all the other USB devices and I’m getting kinda tired of it all, when I’ve loaded some project and I have to restart Cubase just to reload the freaking USB keyboard in 2011. No panic but I could do without that maneuver.

Perfect for 6.5, isn’t it? :smiley:

If I disconnect / reconnect my keyboard(midi) when C6 is running, I can’t shut the program down - it just hangs forever. So I treat my USB cable with care now :slight_smile:

// Lazze

Yeah, +1 here. One of the labs I teach in has 16 computers with M-Audio USB keyboards, and they often freak out when booting the computers up, and having to shut Cubase down, turn them off and back on then re-start Cubase is a real pain.

You can be using one ASIO device and switch on another while Cubase is running but things like USB MIDI keyboards won’t work.

Say, is that a new feature in Cubase 6 or was it also in 5? I ask because here on 5 on OSX this is not an issue or at least is very different… and Howling made this a feature request



i_t_a_l_ic_s_ m_y_ o_w__n_

Nope, not a feature of C5/Win, then it would have been a [Bug Report] :wink:

That’s what I thought.

Just FYI, here on OSX I am able to plug in new usb midi devices and remove them as one would expect, hotswappingly.

Presonus StudioOne lets you hotswap USB MIDI devices.

Yeah, every other program that uses USB devices on Windows goes “Ding-dong” when you pull something out, and “dong-Ding” when you put it back, no problem. I can’t think of any other Win program than Cubase that won’t do hot swappin :confused:

Which other programs work that you know of?