Feature request: Use a 3rd party channel plugin for the mixer channel volume

I’m not sure how this would work, but it would be cool if one could select a 3rd-party channel VST plugin to replace CB’s native volume slider.

So if I have a Brainworks SSL 4000 channel VST, I could use the slider on the mixer to change the channel VSTs volume slider.

Not mission-critical but a neat addition that would allow someone who wants a more “analog” experince to achieve it.

I wouldn’t mind being able to default a 3rd party channel strip. But only because I have a copy of PSP infiniStrip that never gets used because I just use the Cubase one every time.

I don’t understand why you would want to swap the fader. All it does is control level at one point in the signal chain. What’s the purpose of this?

I know you write that it “would allow someone who wants a more “analog” experince to achieve it.” but I just don’t see how. You’re just changing level, right?

You’d be using the 3 Party VST’s emulation of an analog circuit. The way an analog circuit reduces volume is different than Cubases, which is very clinical. The analog channel introduces harmonics and other variants that can give a track life. Not everyone would want it, but it could be a great DAW differentiation point for Cubase.

Ok, that’s a suggestion that goes back many years I think. I doubt they’d include it anytime soon but obviously as long as it’s optional people will be fine with it.

For now you could hypothetically just place a plugin with non-linear distortion post-fader and set up your template so that your artificial nominal operating level gives you just a touch harmonics and then you can simply push faders into that plugin to get more. Same thing, roughly.

Interesting how it’s an older request. I wonder if it’s a tricky thing to add? Steinberg could offer it’s own add-on channel strips for extra $$$.

You can do something similar already with SSL 360. (Solid state logics website)

Its part of their channel strip plugin. In Cubase you add the plugin to each channel then open SSL 360 and you have a whole SSL mixer window outside of Cubase. That is then used to control all the channel strips from one screen but formatted like a mixing desk.

Not the same as the request here but its similar. I have a template setup as an SSL desk emulation.

That’s cool. Didn’t know about that. SSL makes great stuff, Their bus compressor is surprisingly better than any of the other emulations out there.

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Can add the 3rd party plugin volume to a Quick control?

But do you want a channel strip that exists beside the fader or do you want an “invisible” process in the standard signal path? Those are two different things. If you just want a colorful channel strip then you have 3rd party options you can use in inserts, and as I said you can put it post fader to push at least some of the non-linear behavior with the standard Cubase fader/volume.

If it’s the latter then where the fader sits Steinberg would have to add an algorithm to basically have nominal level at some point, say -18dBFS, and then start adding distortion above that point. That way you can drive the channel output above that value to get distortion. And/Or this could be done at the input of a track at the gain/trim control. That’s what people have been asking for in the past.

I think both options are similar to what Harrison does with their DAW. Emulated non-linearity in gain stages as well as EQ / compression etc.