Feature Request: Use tabs for specific string playing technique


I’m using a guitar VST with Dorico and have found it useful to override string selections so the emulator plays on the desired strings.

Since I’m also using tabs, Dorico already knows which strings I want the notes to be played on. Can we have it automatically use the tabs to set the specific string playing technique?


At the moment, no, Dorico can’t automatically trigger actions via the expression map for notes on particular strings. Out of interest, what MIDI messages/key switches/controller values do you need to send to your guitar plug-in to tell it to play notes on different strings?

Hi @dspreadbury - I’m currently using Orange Tree Samples Evolution guitars, and the string selection is done with keyswitches C-2 through F-2.

I can implement this by adding new Playback Techniques hooked to the string selection Playing Techniques. This works, but I have to enter the string selections themselves manually, which take up a lot of screen real-estate (and is duplicate work, because it’s already encoded in the tabs).

So, I think a possible implementation would to allow tablature string selection to inform playback techniques.

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Thanks for the feedback. It’s certainly something we could consider trying to take care of automatically in future. How do you handle chords that are played across multiple strings?

That’s a very good question. For the plugin I’m using, I think if you ask for an impossible fingering, it just chooses a different, possible one.

Probably, this would be a feature that you could (A) turn off and (B) might only apply to single note passages.