Feature Request: Using Plug-ins on Selection or Layer(s)

Simple feature that would make it even more useful outside of Cubase.

Allow application of Plug-in processing to selected area or Layer. RX has it, I was very surprised that SpectralLayers didn’t have it when I got it.
Even if it’s only Steinberg plugins, for start it would suffice.

Right now I have to make my selections in SpectralLayers, go to Edit->Edit in External Editor (RX), apply plugins or de-nose there, and then go back to SpectralLayers, and back to Cubase if I’m working from Cubase session. A lot of switching software as you can see.

P.S. Maybe SpectralLayers has this option and I’m completely missing it?

Do you mean VST plugins ?

Yes I meant VST plugins

how to use it?

Right now you can’t directly use VST plugins within SL - we’re thinking about that for the next version.

This is actually great news. I really hope it’s possible/doable for the next version.