Feature request: Video marker track

Normally a marker track marks a point in time on the project. When you move a video file around in cubase, your marker track remains stationary and you lose your hitpoints. Currently it’s not possible to move the marker track along with the video. At least not easily…

Wouldn’t it be a cool option to “Create Video Marker Track”. This would be a standard marker track except it is linked to the video track permanently. If you moved your video track your markers would move along with it.

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Interesting, yes I can see that would be useful… I’ve personally not needed to move a video track, it generally sits just where I put it first time, but I’m sure there will be a time. Have you tried using the range too? Does it miss out the video track then?


Rather than adding another type of track (a Video Marker Track), I believe it would be simpler to add an option in the current Marker Track that would enable us to lock it to a Video Track. :wink:

I would love to have a dedicated video marker track. That would enable me to mark important events in film that need to be addressed musically somehow, independent of the actual music content. Very useful.

^ good point!

Frankly I’d sell my firstborn for multiple normal marker tracks, but I won’t pony up $1200 to upgrade to Nuendo just for that. (Read into that irony however you wish)

Without stating the obvious (too much) - can you not lasso-select all the markers, then SHIFT+CLICK on the video region and then move them together in the project?

Hey! Call me “Chris”, but thanx for this thread!

I lassoed EVERYTHING; video, markers and tempo changes, and they moved!! All I had to do, and I’m not even sure that I “had” to do this, was change the frame rate to the wrong frame rate, then “get from video”, and I was fine!