[Feature Request] Visibility management while "Write"

Something I would really like to have in Dorico is a way to manage visibility while writing, on the go (like Cubase).

For instance, if you’re doubling (or writing two counterpoint voices) in a concert band alto sax with trombones, usually they are pretty separated (Especially if you want to use the condensing feature at its full potential). If you could select the instruments (or groups of instruments) you want to see in each moment, you could improve your efficiency orchestrating.

I think you cannot do it this currently, at least in a fast way. If I’m wrong, please I would be happy to know how to do it!

Thanks in advance.

This sounds like Manual Staff Visibility, which was introduced in Dorico 3.5. See page 45 of the Version History.

Caveat: this only affects Page View. If you’re asking about Galley View or Play mode, no, there’s nothing similar.

You’re probably already aware of the workaround I use. I always include a custom Layout I call “COMP” and change the included instruments to whatever instruments I want. I can work on Oboes and Strings, or Woodwinds and Horns, etc. and show only those instruments right next to each other.

In Write Mode I select this Layout for viewing. Granted when I want to change the instrument set I have to go back to Setup, select the COMP layout, and then check or uncheck instruments as needed. Granted this takes a few step, but it’s not too bad and works fine.

If there are different instrument sets I need to routinely switch between I just create multiple COMP layouts, then select which I want from the drop-down at the top.

All this can easily be done in Galley Mode, which I use exclusively.

Thank you, DaddyO. I will try it for sure.

pianoleo, yes, I was talking about the galley mode. But I will do the workaround until you figure out something cool to help composing.

I’ll try a COMP Layout and an ORQ Layout besides the final score. Thanks again!