Feature request - Visible triplet grid

Lots and lots of comments on website and in various forums so I think it is about time that we got what we are looking for !! The ability to have a triplet grid in Cubase is a much needed and super useful tool for advanced editing. We all know we can quantize to triplets (snap to grid) however for those of us who don’t like the mechanical feel of quantize, the ability to easily see alignment of triplet notes against a VISIBLE triplet grid would elevate Cubase in its editing capability. Please include this in project Window, Audio and MIDI editing and also in drum editor. It is important to be able to see triplet divisions in a grid and not just quarter divisions. Other DAW’s have this capability so great opportunity to solve a long standing issue in cubase. cheers, Andrew


You can see the Triplet grid in any window, but the Sample Editor.

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