[FEATURE REQUEST] Vive la Forum Revolution

For those that don’t frequent other forums or submit feature requests, see how these company do it:

I hate to say it, but if Steinberg really wanted to know what requests you submitted, they would do something to collate them. Even if they didn’t respond, the fact that they did something to organize them so they were not scattered throughout all the forums…

Why post this?

I am tired of seeing all the feature request threads and this morning I was annoyed seeing them in every sub-forum of this board.

So we have 2 ways to proceed further:
1: Stop posting such threads
2: Litter the forums even more so steinberg will have to do something about it. Like, instead of responding IN the request thread, respond with an entirely new thread with a “RE: [FEATURE REQUEST] radio button for more cowbell”

That ell teach them! Just do it! It will work!

I was going to ignore this thread, as I generally ignore all “feature request” threads. But you put “Revolution” in the title and that perked my interest. Oh well, one man’s revolution is another mans insurrection; and there is a world of difference. Viva la difference!

I am not keen on new features in Cubase. No, I am not. I think the product is past the point where new features become counter-productive. There are too many “features” and the implementation of those features has become arcane, counter-intuitive, not user friendly, and stumbling blocks. It isn’t just with Cubase either. Take a gander at the new MicroSoft Office suite for an example of where “change for the sake of change … features for the sake of features” … has made the learning curve for new “features” like a dive off a high cliff onto jagged rocks. No thank you. Please, no thank you.

So, if folks here want to have an insurrection in the name of “Revolution™” please carry on … knock yourselves out. It’s just as easy to skip past the entire forum when the first page is over-run with [Feature Request] pollution as it is to skip past a few isolated [Feature Request] threads.


Most feature requests are by young users with very (suspiciously?) low postcounts who have not learned how to use the tools that exist NOW. The others are by posters (just got Cubase 3 weeks ago and can do 300 tracks to show granny as they share a joint) trying to look clever by “out-thinking” the (time-served acoustic and computing engineers with measurable IQs) developers.
And gawd help anyone that gets in the way of “progress” by suggesting that the idea has a pratfall or two and that it’s underexplained.
And it does seem it’s endemic to this forum.
We need a feature request “hide” button. :mrgreen:

+1 to all the above.
Nice words and thoughts guys.


I like the ProTools page with +/- votes.
Time won’t start going backwards.
Steinberg need to change stuff to market products.
Things will keep changing.
Why not pretend to take part in something important?
Why not add a few ideas every now and then?
Maybe even spot one or a few elephants in the room?
And it’s something to do for the procrastinationists …


I thought this was a thread petitioning to get Glyn readmitted. :confused:

What a splendid idea! Oh YES, bring back Glyn! :sunglasses:

It’s about time someone finally posted about to many “feature request” threads. I’m with you on that.
Why on earth would you want more features when you can’t master what you have. :unamused:

[Feature Request] More Glyns!

Are we projecting a little here, yes? :wink:

LOL He just emailed me the other day. I have to write him back. I think he misses it here too as do most of us-him.

I too really like the way Avid handles the requests for pro tools. That is a real smart way of doing things and keeping them organized.

But I do know… Steinberg and how well they cater to us users regarding this… well, communicating a response to pretty much anything. Support in the Cubase forum has ben a bit better but its like an on again, off again relationship with not much consistency. The nuendo inside sessions have wasted away too. The forum and threads are… gone… If you don’t know, that was Steinberg’s attempt to communicate with Nuendo users around key topics of Nuendo’s software development.

meh… time to go to work.

Happy Sunday! :mrgreen:

yep! +1! :wink:

I think everyone is right… there needs to be one method of requesting changes, and the rest of the forums should not be littered. New features are important to some, so having a clear avenue to place them would be appropriate.

Glyn is in great form, just Skyped with him yesterday at length… :sunglasses:

I’ll add my voice to bringing him back here.


Now it’s much easier for us! We can just say that Robin is right, which means everyone is right. How’s that for a synergetic feedback loop??? :sunglasses: :laughing:

I’ll give you a snail mail address to send the cheque to! :laughing: