Feature request - VL 2.0.22 MIDI IN - Layers

I have a MIDI controller on my keyboard that sends messages on all MIDI channels - e.g. to Halion 7 with MULTI program. Is it possible to add the ability to control individual LAYERS from several MIDI sources?
(or at least a selection from ONE MIDI IN or ALL MIDI IN) .
Fig. 1

Thank you very much for looking at my request.

If there is another way - please help. :slight_smile:

… create a Shared Layer with the the “Duplicate Layer Shared” function. Then you can assigned each Shared Layer with a different MIDI Source.

… and, yes, “Assign Multi MIDI Sources to one layer” is on our list.

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……or connect your keyboards/controllers to the same Virtual MIDI channel and use that as inputs to your layer(s)


Thank you for your help - it works great!