FEATURE REQUEST: ‘Volume Dynamic’ data appears in CC graph


One feature which I am missing a bit is for the ‘Volume Dynamic’ data of crescendos and other dynamics changes to be displayed within the graph in play mode. In my expression maps, I made it so that all of my volume dynamic data is sent to CC11, but in play mode, none of this data is displayed currently on the graph for CC11. This means that when I want to tweak the playback of a crescendo, I have to guess where it is on the graph and hope that the two don’t conflict.

It would be really nice to have this as a feature, and if there are any humanise features added to playback, perhaps the graph could display the result after humanise so that the final performance can be tweaked.



We do plan to add a special dynamics lane in Play mode that will show the dynamics entered in Write mode graphically. It’s not as straightforward as simply converting it to e.g. CC11 because many instruments switch between different volume types at different points in the music, e.g. using velocity for pizz. and something like CC1 or CC11 for sustained bowed sounds. In any case, it’s certainly on our radar and we’ll add it as soon as we can.

Thanks for this, Daniel

I can imagine it being implemented in a very similar way to the very neat ‘Playing techniques’ boxes in play mode, where the dynamic data appears in a similar series of boxes, which are vertically linked with markers to the CC graph below.

For example, when there is a series of playing technique changes which all share the same volume dynamic controls lane, the volume dynamic box stays the same and displays CC1, then a Pizz. technique comes along and the volume dynamic box changes to CC2, with a respective new section in the graph below which changes from a controller line to velocity values for each note.

Very exciting possibilities :smiley: