Feature request - vst connect

That’s wonderful… No options for semi privacy as the world becomes more and more prying, in aide of selling human information as a service to corporations and governments. That is not a remotely obtuse position to take. How wonderful. Regarding encryption, those who pirate oil and other natural resources at the behest of billionaire donors have three letter entities and private ones at their disposal… Some of us want to create free-press / anti-conflict music and video… What can be done with background images ten years ago could be terrifying… and now, who is going to report, the imprisoned journalists?

Additional Privacy options matter.

sekrit - (ignoring the out of place political rant) - the audio/video stream can be encrypted. If you are so concerned about people seeing your ‘background’ then hang a sheet behind you or disable video. There a much bigger issues to be concerned about than this.

a new feature request: A clipping test

My performer who is not very technical often seems to get this wrong which often lead to getting clipped files.
it just feels like something is a little bit off also when it comes to using vst connect compared to recording locally.
locally I dont get clipped files, if I do I see it straight away. But with vst connect I swear, the events are just not the same on the stereo audio stream as the indiviual HD files I get later. and it is not to the benefit of the HD files. plus it is just a bit harder to manage things when the performer is not in the same room. So some kind of test to make sure that the performer is not recording things too hot. if there was a button that I can press, and vst connect analyses the signal to see if there is clipping during a mick check…or if there were indicators on some level metres to check that should work too…

I can understand how this seems unnecessary, cause everyone should just be able to set their levels on the actual sound interface, but I am just saying, that I am running into this problem alot, but I am not doing it when recording locally…

No, you are perfectly right to ask for this.
First off, the realtime stereo stream from Performer is controled by the items in the RECORDING section of the VST Connect plugin. These create a mix (actually, a cue mix from the Performer mixer) for listening/recording, and obey the -3dB pan law, so in order to get the actual full signal of a Performer channel, you’d have to pan hard left or right. Note that HD recordings on the Performer side are not modified at all, unless the fx button is engaged, but even then, no level or pan settings are applied.
Second, you can see the actual meter levels in the plugin MONITOR section, provided the Performer monitor level (the fader) is set to 0 dB (ctrl/click). This would better show red on 0 dB, and we will add that soon. For now, make sure this doesn’t exceed that level, which would indicate too hot a setting of the channels’ gain.

Good Morning!

I work for a film production company. We use Nuendo not only for sound post but also for all kind of voice recordings e.g. voice over and ADR.
Now, during Corona we installed VST Connect Pro 5 to work with voice artist remotly.

What we didn’t expect is that VST Connect does not show all the over-the-video-ADR-features to the voice artist who runs VST Connect Performer. The on-screen text for the voice artist, the curser that runs from the left to the right during the defined recording time for each line of text and also all the things to indicate when the recording starts are not being displayed on the voice artist site.

This is not as good as it could be for film production and ADR. Everyone is currently looking for a lean way to continue to produce film-tone with voice artists remotely - ADR, radioplays for animation, voice-overs. And when you would implement this features Nuendo together with VST Connect would be very attractive for all the studios who are still using Pro Tools (together with a whole bunch of soft and hardware to make ADR happend).

Would you please be so kind as to bring all the super over-the-video-ADR-functioalities of Nuendo also to VST Connect please?

Best wishes,

agreed - and also make it ‘built in’ to Nuendo/Cubase - so it’s not a separate plugins :smiley: (but you knew that !)

all coming.

That is great news Musicullum, thanks alot!!

Would just like to point out the complexities of the feature “vst connect remembering the plugin settings”. Perhaps the performer uses 3 different guitar sounds during a session on one track, it would be great if cubase/vst connect somehow remeMbers all of these individual settings if we want to add something further at a later session.

Only the actual settings will be saved, but this usually contains the entire plugin state and presets (depends on the plugin).

What do you mean with “actual settings”?
Do you mean that the settings that are active when you press save? or are the settings somehow saved together with each recording?

Will it be possible to work with three different settings during a session like I tried to describe? or will it only be able to save one setting per session?

Actual settings are related to actual Performer project. Each Cubase/Nuendo project has a corresponding project on the Performer side. When you start Performer, its default project is loaded which reflects the latest settings you applied when not connected.
Example: start Performer w/o connecting and set Mic level to all down. All other faders 0 dB (ctrl/click).
New project with Cubase/Nuendo: takes these settings as a start. Now change Instr. fader to all the way down as well.
Disconnect: settings for this project are saved and default settings are loaded. Thus, the Instr. Fader is up again, Mic still down.
connect to said project again: Mic and Instr. fader both down, etc.
So the answer to your question is yes, but you will need to create a new Cubase/Nuendo project for each set of different settings.

Its seems like you are talking about the settings of vst connect (since that is a plugin)
however I was talking about the settings of for example amplitube when you use that as a plugin on vst performer to get the guitar sound you want.

@Score81 musicullum IS talking about the Performer app.

I think what is going to happen is that a project is created on the Performer side equivalent to a project on the Cubase/Nuendo side.

When the Performer ‘recognises’ the Cubase/Nuendo project (on connection) then Performer loads the settings from the last time the project was saved. On disconnect it saves it’s current state and goes back to ‘default’

And those settings includes, what musi calls, ‘the entire plugin state’…of the performer.

That’s ONE set of settings per Cubase/Nuendo project…and obviously you need to reload Performer when you switch Cubase/Nuendo project…which you have to currently anyway.

Which I think will do what is needed ?

No, I said on the Performer side. So when an instrument or insert like amp sim was loaded, its settings will be saved and restored when said project is loaded again, on the Performer end. The VST Connect plugin in Cubase/Nuendo doesn’t manage any other plugins itself. That is what we are working on currently.

well, it’s just that this seems to solve only part of my issue. It will be good to be able to save things so that you can take off where you leave, and perhaps have different setups saved depending on what you are going to record and with whom. However, as I have mentioned before, when I track guitar and use 3 different sounds I want to be able to continue with this during another session. If I record locally this is not a problem since I will use 3 different channels and each channel will have 3 different instances of the same plugin, all with different settings on that plugin. if I want to add and make some more recordinds during later time, or even during the same session, I just choose the channel that correlates to the right sections and contains the parts that I want to add to. However currently this is a hassle with vst connect, and I put all the responsibility on my performer which I dont want to do. ( it requires the performer to actively save presets and name them accordingly so that he/she will be able to find exactly the same setting if we want to do some retakes)

hope you understand

“have different setups saved depending on what you are going to record and with whom.”
Exactly, so then you create a new Cubase/Nuendo project for each of these cases.

Not sure I am getting you. You can’t mean that I should have 3 different projects for one song just because I want to use different different guitar sounds on the verse and another one on the chorous and a third on the bridge? changing project means we have to disconnect and then reconnect again, and then I will have to import all the files into one project and so on. It would work ofcourse but it does not sound like a convenient solution. Probably easier to have the performer save presets

Or… do you mean that I on the studio side can change between different saved presets of vst connect and that these presets include the specfic settings of the guitar plug, and that this can be changed back and forth while I am connected to my performer the whole time. THEN it might actually work. is this what you meant? This means I dont have 3 different cubase projects, but just 3 different saved presets of the whole vst connect plugin

I really appreciate that you are trying to come up with a solution of course. Perhaps this is a tough one…

If you need 3 different sound you need to select presets. Or you can use the PRO version to create up to 16 channels in Performer with different Inserts like you described you would do it in Cubase.

We cannot make a Cubase of the Performer. We can implement to save settings incl. plugin state which usually contains its presets. We can not provide “Save Performer Project”, as the Performer project is entangled with the Cubase/Nuendo project, sort of like beeing just one project.

Hmm, that is an interesting way of doing it I guess it could work. However if I understand it correctly you would with this solution have to either unlink (remove the input to this channel) or mute the channels you are not currently using while recording or you would hear all of the three sounds simultaneously.

you can mute channels seperately for monitoring (Performer, fader group) and/or recording (in the RECORDING section of the plugin).