can we have better vst connection organising!

I am working with 48 channel to a digital desk but there is no way to organize the vst connections. i.e. groupe them, sub group them etc… so that selecting the output for an audio/fx/instument channel is easier for multiple connections. at the moment the sequence seems to be random.

even if you set up from scratch your vst cons in the sequence you want (which I just have done taking over an hour) … i.e. most used at the top etc etc… as soon as you open a new project or re-open on old project the vst connecdtions are all over the place again!

this has got to be a simple thing to do and is much needed for users with ‘alot’ of i/o’s

Isn’t VST connections saved with the project? So … just organize them sand save as tempate.

I also don’t see the problem.
Set them up once and then save the preset.

Often I create complex groups, which have merged into them the outputs of multi-timbral VST’s and in turn they may go to a stereo output but often I delete the VST outputs and opt for simple stereo while still preserving the group structures.

It would be nice to have some management features besides add/delete VST Connection, rather than simple presets that cannot be stored externally or is there a repository I’m not aware of?

At least it would be fine if you could change the order of the busses.

Cheers, Matze!

I did just that!

the problem is that the order of the connection changes even if you save as template (which I did)

this is a rough example:

so you save this config

Volcal mono
vocal stereo
guitar mono
guitar stereo

but next time it loads it changes to something like
vocal stereo
guitar stereo
vocal mono
guitar mono

now imagine 48 channels with dozens of additional configurations

if the vst connection stayed in the sequence I originally created and saved that would be ok… but they don’t!
…and it would be even better if you could create groups!


electric mono
electric stereo
acoustic mono
acoustic stereo
bass guitar


vocal mono
vocal stereo
vocal FX

this would make selection so much smother and faster for users with multiplt connections!

Hi Geordie,

It happens due to the audio “subsystem” in Windows 7, not cubase.

in that case even more reason for steinberg to look at it… :wink:


Whould you please post screenshots of your VST connections on how they are:
a. When you’ve set them up
b. When you load back your project (or create new project with template) and they are messed up
These could really help us to see if this really is a bug in Cubase or a bug between the chair and the keyboard (excuse me if it sounded rude … was ment to be a kind of a joke just to keep on good atmosphere here)

I don’t see how 2 screen shots can prove whether or not this is a user error or software bug mate! and this would involve spending a long time setting up my busses again just to get the first screen shot, but i’ll give it a go if I can find the time! however I can assure you that is is not a problem between ‘chair and the keyboard’
try it yourself… create a mono buss at the top (like I did)… delete the standard stereo buss… then create a few different buss configs… and then save and see if they keep their order! (but unless you use 48 I/O’s it may not effect your systems!)
besides, this looks like this may be a windows 7 problem which i am going to look into!

As we can’t see your computer it would help enormously if you could grace us with pictures if you can.
You’ve got time to post so you must have time to set up a screenshot. How 48 in and outs is more relevant than 4 we may establish when WE have seen more of your input to solve the problem.
The sticking point here is you’re not taking anyone’s word for anything so you have to excuse reciprocation of the same.
“Summats up!” never cuts any ice with my local repairmen either. :mrgreen: I have to do some work on the problem before he does.

ok serious question: tell my why 2 screen shots will help… all they will show is the same vst connection but in different orders! what can anyone determine from that?

to create a screen shot I first have to set up my vst connections AGAIN from scratch… which will probably take around an hour and I did say I will post them when I get the time… I’m at work at the moment!

where is the best place to host an image for this forum?

p.s. I can assure you ‘nuthins up!’

BTW: other people have experienced this problem!

I can. An even more important thing is: it may give us glues about WHAT is wrong and HOW to fix it.

Exacly: one picture is worth a thousand words

In my case that would be: How 48 in and outs is more relevant than 32. Yes … I have 32 inputs and 32 outputs in my Cubase.

So … you don’t bother (to take screenshots) … then neither do I (try to help you). Case closed. Have a nice day!

If I post them on my FB page and set viewing privacy to ‘all’ can I post links here?

If not what is best place to host pics on this site?

which windows are you using?
If you are not on W7 64 bit may not be able to replicate this problem?

eh??? did i say ‘I would not bother’??? I even asked where is the best place to host them!

god some people on this board!!!

To upload a screenshot, just click “Upload attachment” tab below the edit box you type your posts to this forum.

In which case (if we can/can’t duplicate this behaviour in other Windows versions) the source of your problem can be examined more acurately.

ok, I’ll try to get is done later tonight!

but note this post!

if this is the case there is nothing much can be done I fear!

I asked the screenshots. You made it sound like they don’t help:

or it’s too much work for you:

In either case: for me to try to help you I thought it’s essential to have screenshots of your problem, to identify it. And while I tried to do this work for you, YOU decided NOT to be co-operative by questioning my reasons to have screenshots and complaining about how much work it takes to you to provide them. Can’t you understand: before you questioned the screenshot thing, I already spent more time to solve YOUR problem than you did. And I did’nt get payed for it or anything.

That was not what I was actually tring to say (or meant to convey)…I was asking ‘what info you could get from 2 screen shots’ as a genuine question… I was not for one second fobbing you off with a ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude… (my meaning was lost in translation I guess)…