Feature Request - VST instrument GUI


I know it’s been stated before, these are really simple GUI changes which would make a lot of difference to me, and perhaps others, on VST Instrument window (F11)

  1. make it resizeable and configurable (like the toolbar on arrange page), with minimum size MUCH smaller than current bloat-fest. I never use the parameter knobs on this screen, would love to get rid of them for good
  2. allow user to re-order instruments, in the same way as we can re-order tracks. I like to have VST’s in the same order as my tracks in arrange window.
  3. tidy up the expand-contract functionality; at the moment whenever you do anything all the instruments expand
  4. add a ‘bring editor to front’ button to the existing ‘e’ button

Don’t suppose it will happen, but we live in hope.

+1. At least give us the option of a more minimal view.

Ideally, I’d just like a good old-fashioned rack, perhaps with drag & drop reorder, with slots into which I can place my VSTis. The only controls I need are an edit button and an ‘add more outputs’ button. I’d also like the option to hide Instrument Tracks and view only Rack Instruments (and vice versa might be useful to some). Alternatively, give me a different view in the VST Connections window where I can configure these with minimum hassle.

In short, anything to give me control over the features I choose to see and which I don’t would be most welcome, particularly when working on the laptop without external screen!