Feature request: VST paths (PG)


the current solution for setting up VST paths (default VST path + one additional path) is somewhat unflexible and does not fit all situations.

It would be much better to just be able to specify a list of paths where to look for VSTs.

Furthermore, while it is great that 32bit and 64bit share the same settings in general, it must be possible to set up different VST paths for 32bit and 64bit.

Yes - I’ve asked for this for a while but I’ve not noticed others ask for it. So, I assume it won’t make it into WL8. Maybe for WL9? :frowning:

Actually, this should be implementable in less than one day. :wink:

I think that WaveLab 7.2.1 already has separate VST path settings for 32 ad 64 bit.
Apart from that, next WaveLab version will propose 3 custom VST path, and not only one as in 7.x

Maybe you should tell PG how to do it, so you both can enjoy the new feature in WL8. :sunglasses:

Excellent news on 3 paths - I can now tell WL8 where certain plug-ins are that refused to work before.

If you don’t keep your eye on the plug-in installation (or it insists on its own folder), it’s a pain to get tehm to work - if at all.


Three paths indeed should be ok in most cases, but then, someone needs four and the trouble starts again. So, why not a list? Such limits usually call for trouble, especially, if there is no technical necessity for such a limit.