Feature Request: wave file metadata report

Hi …

So, very recently, we have started to see requests for ISRCs to be embedded in wave files. This seems, at least at present, to be restricted to one label.

WL does this well and and in accordance with the “standard”. We have the Sonoris ISRC editor as a secondary QC.

What we are a little uneasy about is that fact that we cannot seem to produce a report to have the client check and “sign off” on.

An analogy would be the CD report/PQ sheet which we can print from WL and always send to the client to confirm ISRCss and CD Text. The reasons are obvious: it is not at all unusual to have last minute track name changes and even ISRC re-allocations.

It would be really nice to have a similar … customizable … report that we could print to send to the clients select metadata information.

If this is already there and I have missed it, please accept my apologies and maybe direct me to where we can find it.

All the best

There is not such a feature. But I note the idea.
Currently, the thing that could help you, is to copy the text data is displayed in the meta data tool window (select with the mouse, then right click).

Thank you PG …

That is in fact, what we are doing. Creating a simple word doc as a report and sending this as a pdf.

Like I say, it’s only one label at present. But when one label starts to do something …

That’s where an automated report will come in handy.

Personally, I still can’t see the point of inserting an ISRC in a wave file. But, as always, we just do what we are told.

I personally just make sure my preset for embedding ISRC codes in WAV is always loaded and I provide clients with either a DDP and HOFA DDP Player to see the ISRC codes (among other things), or I provide the standard CD Report from the montage which also shows the ISRC codes.

This seems to be sufficient and of course, just be certain that your montage always has the metadata preset loaded to add the ISRC code. My standard 44.1k album montage has this preset saved as part of the template so for me, it’s really maintenance free and I don’t even really have to think about it.

It just works as needed, when needed.

I also haven’t had any crucial needs to add ISRC codes to WAV because very few outlets an even read it, but I suppose it’s good to be ready for the future whenever it gets here :smiley:

Thanks Justin …

The issue is that, for some labels I work for, it is frequently (like, more often than not) the case that there is no physical CD. So, no DDP.

Personally, I have no idea why they want ISRCs embedded in the wave file. iTunes Producer etc doesn’t read it … last time I saw it you had to manually type in the ISRCs. I’m pretty sure that still hasn’t changed. And the ISRC is not carried over when you make an mp3 from it. National radio stations play mp3s.

I am working on a project for another major label at the moment. I just double checked the deliverables requirement and no mention of it (masters/MFiT/mp3s at 320 192 128). Maybe, if they are doing it, they are doing it internally. I know at least one label in my geographical jurisdiction tags mp3s internally.

Anyways … it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds in time. At least we have the tools.


Anything that can make such data accessible is great. Sticky, even better. Cut paste is always an option, and WL already has pretty decent notation tools. Great idea and actually something I need more often than you’d think. I suspect as metadata capture and recording etc improves in upstream sources and daws it will come up more and more.

The new project views are a spring board for this kind of thinking. :wink: