Feature Request: Waves Cosmos & Cr8 Sampler should be native Cubase features

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Waves launched two new products: COSMOS, the free sample library manager with A.I. sample attribute detection and CR8, a simple and intuitive sampler plugin.

1. Request: I really would love to see the A.I. capabilities of something like Waves Cosmos or the Loopcloud library manager implemented in the Cubase Media Bay. Would make life so much easier.

2. Request: I think the Cubase Sampler Track could benefit from additional features like the Waves CR8 has, like multiple layers, different playback and time stretch modes, more modulation possibilites etc. as well as a more streamlined interface so it keeps its ease of use. Also a deeper integration with media bay for simple hot swapping would be great.

Here you see a demo from Chris Selim about the new products from Waves:


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I also use Loopcloud as my main sample management tool and I also dig the CR8 a lot for it’s simplicity and A.I. features like auto rootkey detection.

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thumbs up - i totally agree. Cosmos is a great tool! I like the media bay too. It should be extended with features cosmos offers. Especially the “cosmos view” - thousands of samples ready for instant playback, organised by statistics, without scrolling through pages of ,
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