FEATURE REQUEST: Wet/Dry Control Per Insert Effect

Currently the only way to control the wet/dry mix of an insert effect is with the inserted plugin’s own wet/dry control, if it has one. Not all plugins do. Adding a wet/dry mix control per insert block on each mixer channel would mean you’d have the ability to dial in the mix on plugins that don’t have that control and it would speed up workflow when you want to adjust the mix of an insert because you wouldn’t need to open the plugin UI.

Are you not supposed to use sends for that?

Aloha e,
Nice idea.

And it might be able to work with Steiny plugs
(VST Collection etc) only.

But getting that function to work with ALL
3rd party plugs could be problematic (or impossible)
for the code writers.

So as Strophoid posted, best to use ‘sends’ for that function.

Using sends to accomplish a wet/dry mix instead of using track inserts is a routing nightmare. I understand and use send effects when appropriate but that’s not what I’m after.

Having each insert point be a mini, channel independent, send and return with control over the mix of original and effected signal would have nothing to do with what plugin is loaded. The plugin wouldn’t need to be aware of the routing in the same way a send effect plugin has no idea of how it’s being used. This is strictly a routing change in the insert section of each channel strip.

I’m not a Fruity Loops user but FL Studio has this feature and it’s great.