Feature Request: Window Open/Close toggles Preference: Bring To Front First If Not Focused

I use workspaces a lot, and some of my workspaces have windows stacked on top of one another so that two windows are hidden behind a Window that is in the front.

Currently, I think only the Project Window has a ‘Bring to Front’ command… which leaves a desire for other windows to have the same functionality.

The way the Window toggles currently work if they are behind another window… is they will close first, then re-open, and when they re-open they are now in front.

I would rather that, if a window is already open, and it is not focused… hitting that windows key command will bring it to the front instead of closing it. And therefore, if a user wants to close a background window… they will have to first bring it to the front, and then hit the command again to close it.

This makes much more sense to me, and the performance is better… Because the software can lag a bit when re-opening MixConsole