Feature request: windows that can be closed via key command

A device like the transport can be both opened and closed using the F2 key command. Other windows can’t be toggled. For instance, I assigned the logical editor to CTRL+L. CTRL+L will open the logical editor but will not close it. I’m looking for a way to close the logical editor without using the mouse but I haven’t found away to do so. For some reason you can’t use the alt key to move this window around or close it. Thanks.


All windows, modal or not, that can be opened with a KeyCommand should also be able to close.

thx for the +1. I feel unnoticed most of the time when i post feature requests, but i still manage to get several page “views”

+1 on this, definitely.

I’d really like to see Cubase to turn into a super app in which everything can be assigned to a key command. Its so great already its pretty close to being that. The key command functionality is already there built into the program, it just needs to be utilized to its full potential. Just lots of going through with a fine tooth comb and adding these features to the key commands list. Then, there’s nothing stopping cubase from becoming the most powerful DAW on the planet :open_mouth: :nerd:

+1 from me :slight_smile:


Esc closes those windows, IIRC.


same feature request for the history window. I can open it with a key command but cant close it

tried Alt F4 or Ctrl W yet?


Alt+F4 will close Cubase.

Ctrl+W may do it. Ctrl+F4 will probably do it.

I like the logic of using the same command to open and close the window… makes the most sense.

Why not just use workspaces ? It’s practically the same thing.
They work for me jumping back and forth between various windows…

This isn’t a common UI paradigm, on Windows at least.

Alt F4 worked but only if the window is in focus. Certain device panels can be opened and closed with the same hotkey so it seems like a reasonable request though