Feature Request: Workflow Enhancement: Modifier: Alt+Shift+Click(+)Drag = Scrub

As many know (and many dont) Alt+Shift+MouseClick will locate the playhead cursor to that mouse click.

You can also hold that click, and drag which will drag that cursor.

My request is that when you begin to drag, it becomes a modifier to Scrub the audio.

No, because others work different… the speaker symbol (play & scrub tool) does this already

Hmm, I doubt most people even use alt+shift+click+drag let alone alt+shift+click to locate. There isn’t even really much utility in alt+shift+click+dragging to locate, when you can just alt+shift+click to locate where you would drag to

So, how is it others are working with this, work differently as you put it? And how is it that initiating Scrub would even disturb that workflow as you can still use the scrub to drag locate, you’d just get acoustic-feedback from the drag? Its literally hitting two birds with one stone.

The intention of the FR, is to have to not switch to the Play and Scrub tool - hence - ‘Workflow Enhancement’ in the title of this thread. Just as the new ‘Combine Range and Select Tool’ enhances workflow.

Either way, it could be a preference.

even more preferences?

I’m not sure, but I think the scrub tool does what you describe
set the cursor to the position where you click and gives feedback as you drag

You’re missing the point of the FR. The point of the FR, isn’t to scrub. The point of the FR is to - enhance workflow - by combining Scrub into an already existing modifier protocol that currently, from my experience, has very little utility.

Yes. More preferences. More preferences that = higher efficiency = better production.

I highly doubt that for the majority of the users.

but you write, that you want to scrub… now I’m confused

Either you’re playing dumb, or you are dumb.

Either way, there is no point in me continuing to talk to you.


Sorry I only skimmed the thread, have you done a phase inverted null test between the files?

You were trying to reply to the other thread?
I’m even more confused now…

Good, I hope I’m contributing to your demise.