Feature Request: Worksheet Creator Wizard

I would like to request that future versions of Dorico have a Worksheet Creation Wizard. I remember Sibelius having such a feature. It would be very useful for generating content like Sight-reading practice pages, fill-in-the-blank harmony, Circle of 5’ths, etc.

Please let me know if you need additional information about this. I might have been too vague.

Thanks for the consideration.

Welcome to the forum, doricoJourney. We don’t have any current plans for a feature like this, but we don’t rule it out altogether for the future.

Anthony Hughes did a couple of worksheet tips videos recently that might help if you haven’t already seen them:
Make a Music Worksheet
Notation Tips for Creating Worksheets

@Daniel at Steinberg

Thanks for such a quick response. It broke my heart when Sibelius (Avid) let you guys go. So glad this team is able to continue innovating and bringing excellence to this field.

One idea that I believe has been mentioned before is the implementation of a plugin language. Then fans of the program like myself can write little apps for it. I will have my Master’s in Software Development in about 45 days from now.

Thanks for those suggestions! I appreciate your time looking those up for me.

Thanks for your kind words. Those were dark days, but it has all worked out for the best, and we’re lucky to be able to be doing what I think is the best work of our careers for a much better-run, employee-focused company that understands us and values our work.

We do have plans to expand upon the embryonic Lua scripting API that Dorico currently includes in future versions, but it will most likely wait until we can afford to devote some serious time to designing the API with the same care and attention that we have lavished on every other aspect of the program to date.