Feature request - Write Automation at current settings

This has been posted before, but I’m encountering the issue while mixing a video game score. I have multiple songs in the same session that all share a common DNA, and it makes sense to mix them together. But each song of course needs its own automation settings.

Try as I might, there isn’t a workflow for this. Automation works fine for the first song, but when I get to the second song and need to reset my faders, there’s no way to do this without drawing an automation point on every track I need reset to a new value.

How amazing would it be if I could set the left locator, turn off write mode, adjsut the faders to where I need them, and then write automation to those values within the locator range?

I believe functionality like this used to be called “snapshots,” which is confusing since that word means something else now, but without this feature I’m really stuck.