Feature Request: Zones in the mixer and Edit track settings


A feature I think would be handy is the ability to select certain faders in the mixer to lock to the right or left of the screen like in Cubase 7’s mixer. At least for me, there’s tracks I like to always have control over, and to have to swipe around constant gets time consuming.

Another feature I think would be nice is the ability to have the edit settings for a track on an accessible page (I.e. EQ, sends, inserts, routing) just like the edit track settings in Cubase. So if I’m away from my system and recording, and I want to turn down the reverb on a send, I can do so in Cubase IC Pro.

Thanks for reading!

Hi bender-offender,

Thank you for your suggestions, I added them to our feature request list! :slight_smile:

I join the request channel configuration, use very many serious see a whole page settings box channel to handle insertions and emvios (sure would be the only product that I would use permament)., and see also the mixer on a full page and have the fader with more accuracy (tabs to the side to see in full page mixer, commands, workspace and “channel settings box”).

Big +1.

The most obvious use for IC Pro is as a remote when tracking away from one’s DAW.
There are better MIDI controllers (ie, requests for a keyboard, etc).
It will never match the editing one can do on a computer screen (requests for waveform edit capabilities, etc)

But as a remote? Sweet.

Channel control would allow tweaking sends, EQ, etc. when tracking (as stated).
Locking faders would allow easy tweaks to mix and levels when at the mic - in my case Control Room (my personal headphones come off CR Monitor 4).


VSTi and FX Parameter manipulation,
Instrumental input (as seen on Logic Remote) - Maybe including a set of pads, piano keys incl. arpeggios, a virtual set of strings, and a chord layout. I think the Smart Instruments in Logic Remote (or Garageband on IPad) are very fun to use and a kind of song creating tool.